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BHA Component


BHA Component

Supplement your inventory and increase capabilities with COT’s rental tools and equipment. All equipment is maintained to specification and compliant to legislative standards.

Offering solutions for a range of applications its drilling tools and equipment will deliver safe and cost efficient results.

Our range of rental solutions include:


– Subs.

– Universal Bottom Hole Orientation (UBHO) Subs.

– Gap Subs.

– Non mag drilling collars.

– Stabilizers.

– Drillign Jar and Fishing Equipment.


Hydraulic Mechanical Jars (Sizes 4 3/4″ to 9″)


  • Sealed, Oil Lubricated for Longer Service Life
  • Mechanical Safety Latch
  • Simple Up and Down Motion to Operate
  • Upward Jarring with Hydraulic Delay
  • Downward Jarring “Mechanically
  • Adjustable Latch Release Settings


String Stabilizers (Sizes 4″ to 17 1/2″)


  • Milled to Full Depth to Maximize Flow Area
  • Prevents Differential Sticking by Stabilizing the BHA
  • Reduces Vibration and Drill Pipe Whirl
  • Available in String and Near Bit