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Downhole Motor rental

Downhole Motor rental

Canada Oil Tools provides down hole motor rentals and servicing to the Drilling Industry, focusing on reliability and efficiency to ensure all its equipment achieves maximum performance and utilization. All equipment is manufactured to meet ISO 9001:200 and API Spec-7 standards and can be supplied to meet most customer specifications required, such as:


  • Slick and stabilized assemblies.
  • Anti-drop housing and dump subs.
  • Adjustable Bend Housing (ABH).
  • EvenWall elastomer technology.


COT’s selection of rental Down Hole Motor sizes are listed below.

  • 9 5/8” PDM, 6:7 5.0, Threaded Stabilizer W/ Motor Catcher
  • 8.00” PDM. 7:8 4.0, Threaded Stabilizer W/Motor Catcher
  • 11 1/4″ OD Down Hole Motor

For inquiries, please contact your COT representative or email info@canadaoiltools.ca